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Garden Design, Creation and Maintenance

Enjoy a garden that meets your needs, style and maintenance level.

"As a Japanese who appreciates beautiful gardens, I admire the skill, knowledge and artistic ability that Daniel has with creating unique, healthy gardens of Japanese, western and other styles. He is my gardener of choice."

-Yaoki Iijima

Israelis spend thousands of shekels a year going on vacations to relax someplace peaceful and beautiful. While vacations are nice when you can afford the time out of your schedule, why not also make your yard a beautiful get-away? You can enjoy your favorite flowers and trees, fresh air and a peaceful moment in your own private haven.


"Eight years ago, we built our house with a dream to have a special and unique garden that will create a relaxing atmosphere. After interviewing countless gardeners, we met Daniel, a man with unusual creative and designing abilities.

We wanted in our garden, many elements that demands imagination and exact planning -- a deck, a pergola, a fish pond, ground covers, rocks, etc.  Daniel put all of this together magnificently with a look toward the future.  Daniel's technical abilities and knowledge of plants brought to pass a beautiful garden that impresses all that visit our house."

-Nava Dolev


Nof Yarok can also maintain your garden, keeping it beautiful and healthy all year-round.

Contact Nof Yarok for a free quote on creating and/or maintaining your garden today.

Daniel has created different styles of gardens for 18 years. He has a gift of being able to see the garden's potential and incorporate your ideas, styles and preferances, resulting in your own unique work of art giving you pleasure everyday.