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Wooden Homes, Extensions, Zimmer and Sheds

The many advantages of wood homes

Wood homes cost significantly less to build in Israel and will last for hundreds of years.

They take 3-6 months to build as opposed to 9-12 months for a concrete and stone home.

They can have larger rooms and larger sections of the wall given to windows.

Wood homes have several layers of insulation and is 12x more insulating than concrete and stone homes. They are thus able to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

They are able to survive the shaking of earthquakes with less structural damage than concrete and stone homes.

Wood homes have wonderful acoustics for those who enjoy music.

Wood homes regulate inside humidity better and are sealed to protect from fire & pests.

The production of concrete and the steel rebar that is used with it produce a signficant volume of emissions harmful to the environment, while wood production does not.

The color of wood is known to positively affect a person's state of mind, soothing the nervous system and encouraging warm emotions.

Wood allows for more creativity in the design -- anything from ultra-modern to rustic to oriental to...whatever expresses you!

Nof Yarok will work with you and an architect to design the style of home that fits you. They bring in experts in electricity and plumbing to make sure every detail of your home is well planned and carried out. Call them today to discuss the possibilities of building your dream home.